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Quick Sales. Top Dollar.
Ebay remains one of the true Internet Revolutions. Of all the web resources and on-line service sites, ebay and other virtual auctions are one of the remarkable resources which have revolutionized the way antiques and collectibles buyer and sellers are coming together. The items you’ve chosen to sell are no longer limited in their public exposure to the shop browsers and antique show traders. On-line or “virtual” auctions offer global exposure and targeted marketing right into the homes of the collectors and dealers who need and want to be introduced to your special items. The anxious buyer sets the true value of antiques and collectibles. If you haven’t yet experienced the world of on-line auctions from a buyer’s perspective, we invite you to follow this link directly to eBay and see for yourself! Warning: it’s easy to get lost in there for hours. Please be sure to come back and see us!
Is it as Easy as it Looks?
Does it look easy to you? Bidding and buying, yes, it’s pretty easy. The techies at ebay are dedicated to making their system as buyer-friendly as possible. All you really need is an e-mail address and a credit card! Selling is another story. It’s all electronic so good computer skills are essential, as well as patience and flexibility! Ebay is constantly upgrading, improving processes, and providing new service options, it’s a full-time job keeping up with the changes. So unless you are planning an investment in your future as a long term seller, we recommend consigning to one of our experienced on-line sales professionals. Selling at ebay can be easy. PEERLESS Estate Sales is your agent in the world of virtual auctions.
Examine the Value of our Services:
From listing to shipment, the process of marketing at the on-line auctions is quite labor-intensive. Thanks to the power of PEERLESS Estate Sales’ own EMPIRE V.2 inventory management system and ebay tracking tools, our associates can manage the details of hundreds of auction items at once and never drop the ball. We provide exceptional service to both our consignment clients and bidding customers. “Feedback” is highly valued by both buyers and sellers in the e-auction community. It can make or break you as a seller. It’s our job to provide the kind of service bidders expect. It’s our pleasure to go above and beyond to provide the kind of service they didn’t expect! Click on the link to read what people are saying about PEERLESS Estate Sales on-line!
As our Client, here’s what you can expect from our ebay drop-off services: a detailed inventory of your items in our possession;
careful handling and safe storage until shipment to the buyer;
guidance and advice regarding opening bids and reasonable expectations;
digital images of your item;
professional copy-writing services to highlight the features of the piece and raise bidders’ interests;
communication with interested bidders during the auction to answer any specific questions about the items;
confirmation with high bidder at close of auction to arrange payment and shipping details;
settlement of the electronic or cash transaction;
careful packaging and insured shipping;
re-listing of item if it doesn’t sell the first time, and prompt monthly payments of successful sales,
Professional Fees and Client Agreement:
Since it is our name and reputation representing your item in a global market, we take responsibility for the careful examination, photography, research, descriptions, careful handing and shipment. All items consigned to PEERLESS Estate Sales for on-line auctions must be in our possession prior to listing. Our fee is a straight commission based on total cash from the sale. Our Client’s portion of the selling price is paid on the 15th of the month following the month of sale. (i.e. an item closing on March 4th would be paid on April 15th). PEERLESS Estate Sales reserves the right to deny individual e-auction services based on the marketability of the item - not value or estimated selling price! Unlike our competitors, we have no minimum value on the items we accept on consignment. With so many venues for selling, we can provide services in most any situation. Consigners with unrealistic selling price expectations, however, may be denied service. A standard Consignment Agreement is required. Appraisal services are not included with virtual auction or consignment services. Please contact our office: to discuss the items you would like to sell.